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In January 2014, I had a vision of adding a Group Home and Transportation Service to the Healthcare Industry. There, I created “Loving Care Transportation & Group Home, Inc”. In June 2014, I began as a Medicaid “Volunteer Driver” transporting clients to non-emergency medical and pharmaceutical appointments. The goal was to stick to our morals and slogan “Where Transparency & Trust Meets Promptness & Safety”, because we didn’t want to keep our clients who already faced health challenges waiting and we aimed to do it with superior customer service and safety. By applying our slogan, we learned a lot by listening to our clients and their needs.

In addition to ambulatory transporting, I wanted to be a service to clients who were in need of wheelchair transporting.  We purchased a cargo with the intent to install a wheel chair ramp but found that we needed to gain more capital to do so. This lead us to transporting through cargo logistics: Dialysis Machines, Biologicals, Pharmaceuticals, Lab, Lab Mice, Human Organs, and Human Specimen, legal documents, auto parts, etc. With this growth, we changed our company name so that it could lead to a more effective relationship and understanding with our clients. We cater to all aspects of transportation service, we recently had a name change; from Loving Care Transportation & Group Home, Inc” to our new name, “Loving Care Group & Transportation Services, Inc.”

In the last couple of months, I have worked diligently to establish cargo ground transportation for medical material, biologicals, auto parts, in Alabama (my place of birth) and surrounding cities and states. Several friends and business associates have talked highly of how downtown business have improved as I have witness the growth. We need assistance to fully establish and grow our transportation company in the Greater Birmingham Area. To articulate successfully we need: funding to expand business payroll, training for new employees (until self-sufficient and have sustainability). I have identified and cleared employees in the area and have potential clients.

We are license and bonded and has customs clearance. We cater to a broad area of the medical field include, but not limited to; Dialysis machine and supplies, Lab, research centers, hospitals, health facilities, pharmaceuticals, Attorney’s, auto parts, etc transporting.

We are seeking brokers, direct contracts and MOU's.

Loving Care Group & Transportation Services, Inc

Well experience in Loving Care Group & Transportation Services, Inc, Customer service, Safety, Trust and Promptness are our highest priorities. We provide conventional transporting, while preserving our commitment to the community.

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