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Loving Care Transportation recognizes the significance of privacy, security, and data protection for our customers and partners across the globe. As a global organization with legal entities, business processes, management structures, and technical systems that span international borders, we are devoted to providing protections that surpass legal requirements and to implementing consistent, rigid policies and procedures. In this declaration, phrases such as “we,” “us,” “our,” and “Company” refer to Loving Care Transportation branded entities and present and future affiliates, as specified by local law (referred to as "Loving Care Transportation"). To contact Loving Care Transportation’s Privacy Office, please refer to the Exercising Your Rights & Contacting Us section below.

This Privacy Statement (sometimes referred to as a Privacy Policy as required by applicable law) describes our practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information related to your personal data, including information gathered during your online activities, use of devices, and interactions with Loving Care Group & Transportation Services, Inc. offline, such as when you contact our customer service representatives. This Privacy Statement applies to all of our services and is intended for our audience located in the United States, as well as Loving Care Group & Transportation Services, Inc-owned websites, domains, services (including device management), applications, subscriptions (i.e., Instant Ink), and products, and those of our subsidiaries in the United States (collectively “Loving Care Transportation”), in the consumer context or while interacting with Loving Care as a corporate customer. For certain Loving Care Services, we may provide additional privacy information that supplements this Statement. If you would like to read any supplemental Statements for specific products and services, please email our office at

This Privacy Statement does not apply to Loving Care Transportation employees or former employees, as it does not cover employment-related data. Nor does it apply to any personal data we process on behalf of our business customers when we provide services. The contracts we have with our business customers control how we process personal data in this context. If you are a customer, employee, or contractor of one of Loving Care Group & Transportation Services, Inc's business customers and have questions about your personal data, we recommend that you contact the business customer in the first instance. We are available to provide assistance to them in responding to your questions, if needed.

In this document, references to ‘’local law’’ or ‘’applicable law’’ refer to US Federal law, US State privacy laws, and the laws applicable to the area in which a user resides in the United States.

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